Pregnant woman doing exercises on a mat

5 Easy Exercises That Can be Helpful for Pregnant Women

Did you know that regular exercise during pregnancy is good for you and your baby? Just 150 minutes a week can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and pre-term labour. Studies show that exercise can also boost your baby’s development and health!

If you want to get physical, here are five easy exercises to try. (Always check with your doctor before exercising during pregnancy).


  1. Walking

Walking gives you a great cardio workout without putting strain on your knees and ankles. Plus, it’s free and can be done with a friend, which is good for your emotional health too! To prevent falls that could harm your baby, be sure to wear supportive footwear and avoid unstable terrain.


  1. Spinning

Performed indoors on a stationary bike, spinning is the perfect low-impact exercise. It gets your heart pumping but is gentle on your pelvis and other joints. If you take spinning classes, remember to inform your instructor that you’re pregnant so they can adjust the intensity of the routine.


  1. Swimming

The benefits of swimming during pregnancy have long been celebrated. The water supports your body (and your bump!), so you can exercise without putting pressure on your joints. There are special aquanatal classes you can join, which are a fun way to socialise with other expectant mums.


  1. Low-Impact Aerobics

This is a great form of pregnancy exercise. Low-impact aerobics helps to maintain muscle tone, improve balance, and strengthen your heart and lungs, without putting strain on your joints. Some aerobics classes are designed specifically for pregnant women, so you’ll have peace of mind while you work out.


  1. Yoga

Yoga is great for body and mind. It helps to maintain flexibility, strengthen muscles, and stimulate circulation. It’s also incredibly relaxing, which can aid pain management and keep your blood pressure in check. Try a pregnancy yoga class as the poses will be safer and more suitable for you and your bump.


Are you expecting a baby? Will you be exercising during your pregnancy? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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