3 Useful Newborn Baby Items (and 3 Important Things for New Mums!)

3 Useful Newborn Baby Items (and 3 Important Things for New Mums!)

Preparation is key when bringing home your newborn. As well as buying the obvious things like a cot, pram, and car seat, there are a few other items to add to your shopping list. Below, we’ve outlined three newborn baby essentials, along with three things for you – because new mums need TLC too!


What Does Baby Need? Cuddles and love are a must! But so are…





      Of course, baby needs something to wear, so buy a selection of bodysuits in different sizes (newborns grow quickly!). Five or six bodysuits in each size will cover you between laundry days.





          Summer or winter, baby’s head must be protected from the elements. And it’s important to keep your newborn warm in the first few weeks. Baby beanies are a classic, but a turban is super-cute and stylish!


            Muslin Wraps



              Muslin wraps are soft on delicate skin and so versatile. They can be used for swaddling your newborn, covering yourself during breastfeeding, as cot blankets, as sunshades for the pram, and as dribble cloths!


              What About Mum? Aside from an extra day in the week and an uninterrupted night’s sleep, you’ll need…


                Nipple Cream



                  Breastfeeding can cause sore, cracked nipples which isn’t fun! A good-quality, natural nipple cream will help to soothe irritation, replenish lost moisture, and aid healing, so you can get back to enjoying breastfeeding your baby.  


                    Breast Pads



                      Most new mums have experienced the embarrassment of leaky boobies! But if you don’t want to walk around with damp patches, you need to stock up on breast pads. Cotton and bamboo pads are soft and breathable; they’re also washable which is better for the environment.


                        Maternity Pads


                          You may experience bleeding for up to six weeks after giving birth, so maternity pads are a must-have. Softer, less irritating, and more absorbent than sanitary towels, maternity pads will protect your clothes and your skin while you heal.


                          Expectant mums – what’s on your newborn essentials checklist? Let us know in the comments below!

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